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In the African society, there was that love which had no sexuality in it that bonded the people, neighbor checking on another just to ask them how they spent their night.
The fire-place with the cooking pot was a meeting point for all generations, a place where every body belonged and a refuge from the discouraging, a place to share victories, adventures for the family. Such as a married couple with their marriages on the rocks would meet with the elders and resolve their issues leaving the children out of it!

Today it would be called couples’ therapy, where the couple meets and pays a therapist who does not have clue who they are, just to sit down and express their emotions and when that fails, they now turn to court where lots of money is spent.

In Uganda the lowest cost of signing consent to guarantee a divorce is 500,000 shillings according to a lawyer at Wagabaza C.K.Advocates   and if they are disagreements, then the battle begins and more money is flashed for one to get a good lawyer followed by child custody issues at the end of it all more money is spent, parties’ aggrieved, friendships broken!

This would not happen if we go back to the spirit of togetherness was the key reason that locked society which has vanished into thin air.

Togetherness made everyone responsible for one another such as the children belonged to the society no matter who fathered them!

Today loads of money is immensely invested in day care centers, ‘the urban centers where the fees range from sh400, 000-sh1.5m’, according the New vision 29th March 2011 article, Is paid by some parents for some stranger to take care of their children.

Which would have been a favor from a neighbor if only Africans practiced a spirit of togetherness since there is a new mother and one who is more trustworthy, the child care money saved maybe for the child’s college education?

The transport sector, taxi costs would be cut by simply asking for a lift from a neighbor since the African society shared the same heartbeat meaning sharing everything a friend giving another friend a lift for the next one would offer fuel money.

But the gripping fear that has spread among today’s society, with so many imposter’s, one is not sure how safe they would be in a stranger’s vehicle or who gets into ones car which has left society not only fearfully but less generous.

The beer pot represented companionship,, entertainment, security, intimacy and even gossip, folks gathered around to talk laugh, today people are now paying for all the above, tabloids for gossip like Red-pepper which costs 2000 shillings a copy, the Kampala Sun, programs like Late date on Capital Radio to solve one’s relationship issues advertising for spouses, friends it just feels so sad.

The economy has redefined people as consumers, so that, the things we buy seem more desirable and modern than the things we had for free, it is ironic how the things we did become the things we buy!