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What is an African pension system is there a system like that? These were some of the many questions running through my mind, tired of talking to myself, I decided to bridge the idea to a friend of mine, try and probe his sexy brain for answers, after a series of arguments, we agreed that the girl child was the African pension system.


 In the traditional African society, a girl child was a device to solve the narrative plot of the African pension system. The social security was built around a woman, the anchor. 

 To put it into perspective, our great grand parents had a pension systemImage that worked perfectly for them, the presence of a girl child was a major factor in their pension system, the retirement package for the hard work. 

Pensions are a form of social security if you have gotten your working years, but it in the long term assert. The African traditional system was centered on inheritance,

Pride price was a down payment and this is how it worked.

  When you pay dowry to a man in form of cows, in return for a hand in marriage of his daughter, he would expand his hut, and then in turn pay dowry for his sons and they expand their clan.

Women were the subjects of this gift making a form of savings for society, the more the girls the more savings, this was a form of bridging gaps in clans, creating affiliation to   various clans, everything that the girl brings home as a girl is giving back to the man. 

In the meantime while the inheritance passes down from father to son, we had network of associated communities, on the reduction of conflicts and investment was in giving birth.

The boy goes home learns the trade of their fathers, the girls go home and learn the trade of their mother.

 This kind of pension system strengthen society, maintained discipline from both parties because they have something to gain, the silent laws on pension in the African society are simply amazing.

Considering that the colonist’s disrupted economy one cannot live in the past forever In Uganda we have pension system and laws that do not seem helpless in this sector and more are to come.

This pension system has been replaced by a couple of pension laws for example ,In Uganda we have a couple of existing pension systems like;

 Immature Pension System: No national Pension System (Pea-in-the-Pod) but there is a number of schemes serving a small portion of the population, namely:

 NSSF – where all private sector employees make mandatory contribution; PSPF – for public employees (public servants), Local Government Scheme (same as PSPF with decentralized administration), Armed Forces Scheme, Occupational Pension schemes (Parastatals, Banks, Telecom Cos, etc.)

 All the above pension systems are just not working for the Ugandan people, so I decided to put subject up for solutions and my idea was to copy the African pension system.

The question still remains how do we get our pension laws to work effectively like the African pension system worked, what is lacking in our new laws that is messing up everything??? Over to you readers.