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Does it bother you that youths in Uganda seem to blindly follow political parties and mindlessly cheer their ‘agenda’ like it was a sports team?youth

After a conversation, with someone who labeled me an ‘Amana supporter’ based on the fact that I am an active social media user, I had to sit back and reflect.

Our politics is one of personalities, the FDC tried to defy this, with Muntu as the party leader, now that it is elections time. Dr Kizza Besigye is once again running.

For when many hear about the FDC, the picture envisioned is of Besigye teargassed thrown into a pickup truck, or probably one where he says “Aja genda” meaning “he will go”.

A supporter of Besigye is usually ‘one that makes so much noise, probably a political activist, or the boda- guy on the streets’. Then you will be labeled’ true ‘FDC. One thing one must do is always shout FDC.

As for President Museveni, I couldn’t box his supporters, one person mentioned that for a M7 supporter, you had to act like Ofowono Oponda, reason like Tumwebaze and speak like Tamale Muriundi.

*I however think it’s a crude description*

For the Amama Political supporter, you have to be a social media user, probably one who is a degree holder, jobless or job seeking, but ready to jump in on anything that trend.

The astonishing bit is that, our politics has been tailored in such a way that issues, people needs are not the topic, but rather ‘she said, he said’.One cannot say, I respect or align myself with Museveni security policy but hate his refusal to leave power.No, you are either with us, or not.

We have had instances where people have switched parties, changed their narrative on who they vote and campaign for, for us in Uganda.If you support Besigye, then you hate Museveni, if you like Amama, you are probably bought, and if you don’t support any then you are probably waiting for one with most money convince you to their political party.

It is the politics of personalities VS Issues.

Lately, I cringe each time I see a headline that has anything to do with” youth”, they are rarely good stories, youths are either burning, being ferried on trucks to police, or simply shouting about Political personalities.

They seem to be oblivious of the people they suffer for, the end game is short-term, a little money to go and gamble, buy a beer. No long-term unemployment solution.

Isn’t there a need for a higher level of critical thought beyond “We’re going to stay” or “Museveni lied people died”? It seems to me blindly following a political party without considering the long terms policy implications is silly…

Are we really this dumb? Look at the NRM rhetoric. “Prosperity for All” How many have benefited? FDC’s “Aja genda”

Asinine platitudes invented politicians, amplified by media and political relations firms to mobilize idiots.And it works every time! Youths are at the receiving end.

“ These are times that try men’s souls” –Thomas Paineprosperity _Fotor_Collage