Seafood That Cost Us Half A Million

Posted: September 26, 2015 in The "Parliamentary Private Secretary"

When it comes to weird dining experiences, the seafood one tops my chart. If the idea of din and dash would make sense, this was the day.

So, one of buddies gets the fabulous ideas of seafood, this little place had a special offer! Once a month they cooked seafood, Due to high demand you had to book in advance. As person that likes to try new places, this was an opportunity we wouldn’t let pass.

The phone rings: “Jacky oliwa, what time are meeting? You can a carry a plus one if you want“ says my friend on the other line,I jumped on to a boda, scrolling through my Twitter for TDA memes and jokes, for I have mastered the art of balancing on Boda.

First, the Boda guy rums into a grey corona, the angry driver storms out, howling insults at the Boda man, watching all scenes unfold from the safety of the back seat, the Boda decided to storm off with me held hostage, he reversed into the middle of the highway.

As he accelerated, trying to disappear from the angry driver, for just brief moments, my life flashed before my eyes. He goes ahead to explain this refusal to stop.

“ Kati madam, I am from the village, I haven’t even made enough for my family, imagine if we had stopped and gotten caught, he would take my keys, I would rather run and take my chances”

He went ahead with his explanation in Luganda laced with a heavy Lukiga accent.

The day seemed brighter; I had finally reached the seafood place in one piece, a well light cozy place, and all tables had a white and red card that read “RESERVED”, the crowd seemed mainly Asian. It is a beautiful place near the U.S. Embassy.

With my book clutched in my hands, I walked straight to the bar* don’t judge, all tables had been reserved 😏* the bar seemed more welcoming than the screaming reserved tables.

I order for a glass of white sweet wine as I open my book, waiting on the girls to arrive, after 10 minutes, everyone had arrived. We walked to our table, TDA being the hot topic on Twitter; we took the discussion from online to offline.

Conversation with the girls on Ugandan politics is always enlightening for we all have extreme views, I will spare you the details.

IMG_1923So the Long awaited foods arrive, we had mussels, served in a pasta pot with broth, it was placed before us, and another bowl of bread, a dish of fries accompanied the meal.

Famished, we dived in, I have to say it was a delicious meal; I ate to a point of no uselessness.Conversations flowed, so did the emptying of glasses of win. It was time to Leave, we asked for bill.

The waiter causally dropped the bill in front of me, my eyes slowly scrolled through the digits, pupils widening as I came to the total.

With my terrible Math’s, I thought I didn’t understand the figure so I passed over to the bill to one of dinner mates, she gasped in shock. “Is this bill for real? How much do you have?” She asked

“Can I have a look at it?” Asked the next buddy.

We couldn’t believe the sum, calculates were pulled to help with the math, there was VAT added to the bill. The total was UGX 417,999.9120150925_212321. Imagine it was one week to pay-day!

We were wishing we had asked the waiter to pack the remains.

For some unknown reason, we all burst out laughing as we emptied our wallets on the table, imagining scenarios of washing dishes or worse, having to call friends to bail us out.

By the time we were done, we only had money for transport, calmly walked out of the restaurant hooped into a taxi heading to town that costs 500shs,can you imagine the irony?

As I got home, broke as they come, there just this small voice that said “Odangamu


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