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Dear #UOT

“We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought”- JFK

I will start off with the gender role obsession conversations on Ugandan twitter that make me throw up a little, each time I open my timeline. The opinions on what a real womyn or man should be, ‘the dos and don’ts‘.

Debates on whose role it is to cook as if, if anyone was hungry (regardless of Gender) their first reaction would be to look for a nearest womyn and not food! The lack of common sense in these conversations really bothers me!19yugr

The other discussions that detail the level of hypocrisy on these streets, the double standard on what we call out as offensive and what is hilarious, the often offending it is “NEVER THAT SERIOUS” that is casually thrown around. Most of these rules manifested not by the topic / content, rather by who it offends and often directed at a particular person(s).

Depending on “who“ says it offensive or funny or not serious, most of the time will influence the other judgment, which is then followed by the bandwagon, unfiltered, dreamed up views are then unleashed under the comfort of the perpetrators smart phone or computer.

You are allowed to be stupid, it is after all your own account. You even have the freedom to air out your foolishness, however, when you state your opinion as a rule and expect that is what others should follow, the only question I ask is; who died and made you the Opinion Police?


If you are uncomfortable with what others say, instead of attacking them, why not un-follow, mute or block? These buttons were created for a reason.

I am constantly shocked by how most of the time attacks sent out to the person who tweeted something we dislike are focused on the individual, rather than focusing our energy on the content that has managed to arouse such anger? Why respond by abusing the personality, physical appearance or personal beliefs of the person?

There are those constantly tagging one’s handle into conversations evident they dislike, the ones that constantly “checking you in”, when the only relationship you have with them is simple as “One tweep following the other” – I want to know what crosses your mind when you do this?


What happened to just simple respect of one’s privacy? Understanding that just because we occasionally have debates online doesn’t make us friends in real life?

Of course there are many friendships that start online, but before you assume, kindly ask if the other party feels the same way.

And then, there is the morality police! Who come with rules of engagement between the different gender, these individuals are self appointed authorities on what is right or wrong. To that I can only say “What a WOW”.

It doesn’t take anything from us to be respectful to each other and be decent human beings.

But then again, this is what I think and like I said, you are free to disagree (With the Content) if you want to attack the person, find another platform, not my blog!

Happy blog week People!

Yours Truly

The Unconventional Journalist