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She turns to her purpose with a blind absorption, writing while at work, school,  when  free of the demands of family and life.A glum look on her face,turning and tossing the ball pen on the reading table,staring into an empty space as different ideas cross her mindImage

The need to form words that make sense, to write a piece that can captivate,invoke vivid images and connect with her reader.

A description of a red rose across a coffee shop so her audience could close their eyes and smell the scent.

The clock ticks, her audience eagerly waiting,she then starts to hit the keyboard harder, tries to use a note-book but ends up ripping out the sheets in frustration.

The editor keeps calling, there is a deadline to beat, no room for mistakes for its her role to tell the world!

To era is human and to forgive is divine is the only true saying that does not apply to her for any mistake is a court battle….

At a crossroad, choosing between the truth or the god father who is cashing her cheques,, the journalist waits for the next day!