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Crazzines At University

Posted: June 18, 2012 in The University spy
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Crazy things considered to be done!!!!!
Currently when you want to know how many crazy things the girls and boys of the so called dot com era consider fun and goals to achieve, a lot of our fore fathers would be turning in their graves and praying to God to strike the current generation dead.
One can be shocked by the goals that many of the young girls have in their little minds, say the trend of attraction has now quite changed. Talk about having a ring, a real wedding ring is attractive to many of the young campus students call them gold diggers but this time round, it’s not for the money but the fun bit of it. Sleeping with a married man being called super or a head of the game is quite a challenge. In the early 80’s like many say, it was about going skimpy or maybe “looks”. I am not saying those things do not work, but what the dot era considers fun has quite changed.
Half the girls would love to know what it is like to make out with a fellow girl, and half the boys would want to watch girls making out. Call it immoral but it’s the truth. So the issue of sleeping with a married man is an achievement to many of the young girls and the weird thing is that the notion has also transpired to the boys. At this rate, things are no longer one way but rather all the sexes are trying them out!!
It’s funny and sad if you were a parent but for the young people like the campusers, these are some of the things one would have to do before they got out to the real world. It’s actually called “spreading your wings and tasting the waters”. There’s a lot of craziness around the universities that sometimes it becomes so normal until you say it out loud.
The fantasies that people hold have now greatly changed. If one talked to a number of university students, for the boys it would be a threesome thus one guy with two different girls. It’s a dream come true for many. I would like to say that sex with the current generation has greatly lost its meaning may be Jesus should come back. Was talking to a friend who boldly told me that if I wanted to lose some weight I should try a new sport called “bed Minton”; a great way to lose some calories , thus I say we really need God in our midst otherwise the world is going crazy!
The movies have made things so normal. Like the issue of having friends with benefits. On a scale of one to ten, I would say five of out of ten are carrying it out…funny but true!
It leaves me to thinking of what more crazy things are yet to come. And as for now, I have lost count to the meaning of ‘crazy’.