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“Good corruption”

Posted: June 22, 2012 in The University spy

The harder we try not to notice, the more aware we become of the pronounced demarcation between the rich and the poor in Uganda.

Not that all the rich in Ugandan have embezzled government funds but with different scandals on corruption that are rocking the government ,  OPM embezzlement of 316.8m ,CHOGM- Shs14bn, alleged oil bribes worth millions etc

And when taken to court, the government promises a new chapter to fight corruption but there is no difference after for more money is lost!

If only the corrupt officials would channel the money to develop the country, invest in business that would create jobs for more than 1000 graduates still on the streets on a job hunt, give to charity organizations for the homeless, disabled in our country, construct safe-water sources for their villages, build schools to increase the literacy levels, then that is good corruption!

Instead of flashing the allegedly stolen money on some Hollywood life style such as Geoffrey Kazinda who, according The Observer 19th Aug /2012″ was enjoying a lifestyle that saw him rub shoulders with football superstars in Monaco, one of the most glamorous cities in the world”

Buying cars state cars worth shillings 40bn for the president,The limousine is estimated to cost between $300,000 to $1.4m. one would think that as leaders, the needs of the people would come first and sacrifices are made by great leaders!

There have been various protests about corruption in Uganda;  the latest being ” black Monday” to mourn for the lost funds and the new Ugandan cancer called corruption, but all in vain corruption still continues

The absurdity of it, is that Ugandans seem to have relaxed and gone with the wind, with the famous saying coming into place,” if you can not change them, try being like them”,

With graphic clarity I am not saying that corruption is a good thing, but the measures that are being used in Uganda to try to fight it are failing miserably so we are now finding other solutions for use corrupt money for the good!

The important thing is not the power but having the opportunity to serve fellow-man, though am left with the feeling that the person they serve best is themselves!