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when parents decide to shop for their children at the university or actually give them money to do shopping, majority of the needs have now changed, with the current era and change in the life styles , shopping of condoms, pills is a basic issue , for most of the parents do not want to accept the fact that their children are sexually involved or majority are planing on starting and thinking about it!

from the responses of the students 80% of the university students are sexually involved, and those that are actually thinking of it, the issue of keeping virginity is now stale or not considered by many, it is considered not update for a girl or boy to still be virgins at university , talk about peer groups , the students start to feel small and being left out! of the talk or “jazz”

talked to a couple of university students and their response was very amusing!

Esther 21 second year Muk

i think it is necessary though, most of us are shy to tell our parents about since you do not want to answer so many questions and also avoiding lectures from parents and shock but otherwise am in the view of the fact that anti pregnancy pills are needed for most of the university students , to avoid cases of UN wanted pregnancy .