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Patiently waiting at the road side with a friend, we stand opposite my hostel in Kikoni with a bunch of other student residents, almost queuing for the famous Rolex, my stomach rambling at the sight of the sizzling eggs mixed with various vegetables, beckoning and teasing my intestines, unfortunateRolexfoodly I have to wait for my turn. If any one were keen, they would have noticed the evil stare from whoever is waiting for the Rolex as if daring anyone to queue-jump. All this drama I watch from the corner of my eye, being the lady I am it is rude to stare, at least not directly.

 My friend thinking out loud asks “ what makes us Ugandans, I mean something we can truly call Ugandan’, I was about to say potholes when I blurted out Rolex! 

Some people would automatically think it is the expensive Swiss brand watch and I stand to correct them. It may have the same name but it is actually fried eggs rolled in chapatti, fast food eaten by all true Ugandans although other nationals have now joined the club.

The Rolex is sold 24 hours on the streets in Kampala mostly areas where different universities are in Uganda like Wandegeya, Kasanga, hot dogs and pizza in the USA ,Nigeria Cuisine, Rolex is for Uganda, it has also been adopted in neighbouring countries like Rwanda and it still retains its name ‘Rolex’.

You watch it get cooked, difference is that this time you have no set table with waiters answering to your every call but you are standing under the scorching sun, tormented by the smothering dust and you don’t get marveled by the ‘chefs’ ridiculous cooking stunts.

The Rolex is eaten everywhere when you travel around Uganda such as to Gulu, Fort portal and Iganga, It is called a Rolex no synonym for it, amidst the language barrier, everyone speaks the language of Rolex just say the word and you will be served!

The rolex invention does not discriminate against any one, an ignorant person may affiliate it with lower segments of society but it is eaten by all members of society, be it the young elderly, rich, poor, literate and the list goes on and on. (more…)